How Many Calories In Red Wine?

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How many calories in red wine? What is a low calorie wine? How many calories in a glass of wine versus beer?

You will find answers to all these questions here, plus how many calories are in specific types of wines and how many carbs you can expect in a typical glass of wine.

Calories in Red Wine

The calories in wine vary between types of wine. It does not vary between brands. In a five ounce glass of red wine, you will find that most wines have about 125 calories per five ounce serving.

This goes for Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, any red wine blend, et cetera.

Sparkling wine has around 115 calories in a glass.Sweet red wines have more calories in them as they have more sugar content.

Port and Sherry wine have the most calories at about 150 based on a 3.5 ounce serving.

The key to understanding how many calories in red wine depends entirely on alcohol content. The higher the alcohol content, the higher the amount of calories. In other words, if you wish to enjoy a low calorie wine, look for a wine with a low alcohol content.

If you want to find out exactly how many calories there are in a glass, use this formula:

(# of ounces x % Alcohol) x 1.6 = Calories in Red Wine

For example, a five ounce glass of Shiraz with 12.5% alcohol has 100 calories. But the same 5 ounce glass of Shiraz with 15% alcohol has 120 calories.

Pinot Noir and Burgundy tend to have about 125 calories per five ounce glass.

Cabernet Sauvignon has around 113 calories per five ounce glass of wine.

Merlot has about 25 calories per ounce, so a five ounce glass will have about 125 calories.

Calories in Wine vs Beer

Now that we have discussed how many calories in wine, how does that compare to beer? If you want alcohol and are counting calories, is beer a healthier choice?

Lighter beers have the least amount of calories, between 100-130 calories. Regular beers have between 130 to 180 calories in a 12 ounce glass. Heavier microbrews can have over 300 calories in a 12 ounce serving.

Beer typically has more carbs than wine as well, usually around 11 carbs per ounce.

Carbs in Red Wine

Most red wine have under seven grams of carbs per serving, which is considered low.

The wines with the lowest amount of carbs are dry red wines, because these wines do not have much excess sugar left over from the fermentation process.

Sweeter wines like Port, Sherry or sweet table wines have the highest sugar content and therefore the highest amount of carbs in red wine.


Red wine is certainly a better choice when it comes to alcohol on a diet. Not only do you have less calories and less carbs in red wine, but you also enjoy many health benefits as well.


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